About | Sig Peterson

A trained social science ethnographer, librarian, geographer, photographer, and writer. Bearer of the macabre distinction, "well-rounded." A professional resembling the so-called, “creatives," hold the preciousness and pompousness. An admirer of beautiful words and silly pictures. Committed to helping you be just as beautiful and just as silly. . . and just as just. Book nerd. Moonlight cartoonist because moons are impossible to draw in the dark. Shameless hot dog lover.

A pacifist Viking who is rubbish at swordsmanship, who sometimes wields a non-photo blue pencil, india ink, cameras, recorders, microphones, Adobe (Audition, Illustrator, InDesign, Photoshop, Premier) Final Cut Pro, iMovie, HTML/CSS, and many things Apple but for Red Delicious because, golly, what a misnomer.

I can read and speak all of the above in 25th-grade English and 2nd-grade French.

"Sig" is one of the less regrettable nicknames given by my late father, Lyle. I take my gin martinis and wit as he did: dry, straight up, with two olives.


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Twitter: @sigpeterson